Where to Dine

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Puerto Madero:
It is one of the most frequented places by all kind of people: businessmen, tourists, etc.
It is moderate and refined. You can eat local or international food.

Las Cañitas:
Nearby the Polo grounds. This Quarter is frequented by young people.
You can enjoy ethnic, home made and char-grill food, here. There is a peaceful, relaxed, young atmosphere. It’s one of the coolest places in BA.

Palermo Viejo:
You can find this Quarter between: Scalabrini Ortiz, Santa Fe, Niceto Vega and Dorrego Streets.
You can have international food. It is considered one of the most fashionable places, TV and Cinema ghetto frequent it.

It isn’t included in the bill, but it is used to leave 10 % approximately, if you consider that the service has been good.