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It is considered the Paris of South America.

Many believe that this neigh-borhood is Paris transferred to Buenos Aires. There again you can find a combination of elegant shops, markets restaurants and bars. It is certainly one of the finest places in the city, Its name belongs to the frails Recoletos, installed in that zone at the beginning of the XVIII century. The buildings are of French style, and all what it offer must be visit. Here you have the Culture Centre Recoleta, The Museum of Bellas Artes, el Palais de Glasse besides an open market full of handcraft that is open at weekends in the Park Plaza Francia, maybe this is why it is one of the most visited by natives and tourist.

Another point of interest is the Cemetery Recolecta, one of the oldest in Buenos Aires.In front of the cemetery is the entertainment centre with its movie theatre with over ten theatres, shops, bars and bookshops, Just along from there alongside necrópolis is the Pilar Basilic considered a national historic monument being one of the best example of colonial architecture in the city.