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This is today the site of the great breathing space in Buenos Aires, with 740 acres between Del Libertador Avenue, Salguero, Rafael Obligado Avenue and Pampa. There are found the marvelous lakes and their green spaces, where, every September 21, students gather to celebrate their day, while families take advantage of the spot to take walks along the lovely grounds during the rest of the year.

For many years Palermo boasted of the food carts along the riverside Avenue. There one now finds major restaurants with a beautiful view of the river, where Buenos Aires residents and tourists enjoy pleasant evenings and Argentina’s good beef.
Also in Palermo we find the Museum of Decorative Art, which operates in what used to be the Errázuri Palace, a prime example of the Bourbon architecture that influenced a greater part of the majestic buildings in the Buenos Aires of the early twentieth century.

The oldest part of Palermo is known, precisely, as Palermo viejo (old Palermo) and it ranges from the rear of Plaza Italia toward the southeast. Its beginnings were as a lower-class outskirt, worthy of tango lyrics and of the pen of writers like Evaristo Carriego and Jorge Luis Borges, now the cooler and fashion place choose by young people.

Within Palermo we likewise find a beautiful place, in the area next to the Basílica del Espíritu Santo or “La Guadalupe,” which was designed by the architect Juan Beckeert and is built with black marble originally from the old Vienna opera house itself. The floor tiles are German, the stained glass is French, and the remainder of the marble and wood is high-quality Argentine material.

Other frequently visited parts of Palermo include the Botanical Garden on Santa Fe and Las Heras Avenues. It has over 17 acres of greenery right in the city and its inventory lists more than 7,000 species. Facing it, we find the Zoological Garden, now known as the Buenos Aires Zoo, on Sarmiento and Las Heras Avenues.

Palermo Soho is famous for the different kinds of design shops, restaurants and ferias.
Palermo Hollywood, It names is given due to the several TV and cinema producer’s studios.