Plaza San Martín

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It has a commercial profile, very near Retiro, with the magnificent residence of Barrio (neighbourhood) Norte. San Martin has a double personality, during the day its a commercial area bustling with activities and at night this same area is full of tourists, intellects, bohemians and lover of good food who are attracted to the overwhelming restaurants, bars and pubs.

Here you can find 5 star hotels, art galleries, shops and shopping mall like Galeria Pacifico full of rails offering typical refined Argentine objects beside soft leather goods. Within is The cultural centre Borges, the famous writer lived in the building on the corner of Marcelo T. Alvear and Maipú, just a few steps away.

The central part of this neighbourhood is Plaza San Martin, where you can see a fantastic park, lined with trees going down the hill, and leading to Leandro N Avenue. From there you can see the station Retiro, typical European style.

Very near the station, just a few meters away, is the bus/coach station. The highest part of the square there is a statue in honour of General don Jóse de San Martin himself, freeing the country. In the lower part of the square is a monument in honour of those eighty youngsters that fought and lost their lives in the Falkland war in 1982.

Across from the square is the first skyscraper Cavanagh, in 1935.On Florida near the end of the square there is an extensive shopping area fill everyday with millions of people.